Free Microsoft Office For Churches

We have some exciting news for churches, Microsoft now has a free Office Suite available online!

Microsoft has created online versions of its most popular Office applications, including Microsoft Word online, Microsoft Excel online, Microsoft Powerpoint online and Microsoft OneNote online; all for FREE! Although the licensed versions of the software have a few more features, the basic Microsoft Office functionality is available for free. This also gives you the ability to edit existing Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents for free!

Free Microsoft Office Can Save Your Church Big Money

Microsoft Office is an essential application for getting work done. However, up until now using Microsoft Office has been a huge expense for churches. Now, with access to Microsoft Office Online for free, churches can save thousands of dollars in licensing!

How To Use Microsoft Office Online

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Windows Live ID account. (if you don't have one, can sign up for free).

Tell Other Churches

Please send a link to this page to pastors and church volunteers you know to spread the word, this is a huge cost savings for churches!

The Church Office Online Team

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